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Dave Gaudette

Owner/Head Trainer/Manager

Dave Gaudette has been boxing since 1967. He earned the New Hampshire Amateur Light Weight Championship title in 1969, and was the Southern New England Amateur Junior Welterweight Champion in 1971. Dave was president and captain of the Stonehill College Boxing Club in North Easton, Massachusetts from 1968 to 1972.

Dave learned the art of boxing and training boxers under the tutelage of trainers like Willie Lafond, Angelo Dundee, and Goody Petronelli.

Dave earned his Master's Degree in Comparative East/West Philosophy from the University of Colorado and a Colorado Elementary Teaching Certificate. He also worked as an assistant coach for the University of Colorado Buffaloes from 1998 to 2003 under legendary speed, strength and conditioning coach, E.J. "Doc" Kreis using boxing to enhance player's timing, hand/eye coordination, balance, footwork and power. Dave has trained and managed a number of amateur and professional boxers. Since 1975, Dave have been a resident of Boulder County.

 Dave Gaudette

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