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Class Descriptions

Group Workouts and Clinics

Old School Boxing Workout: An eclectic mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercises featuring timing and reaction drills, isometrics and other fun routines. This class addresses all fitness levels. You will be encouraged to do your best, but we acknowledge that not everyone starts out at the same level of conditioning. consistency is more important than intensity, especially in the beginning. open to everyone ages 8 and older. (1.5-2 hrs.).

  • Fit for Fighting: An infamously grueling one hour workout designed to keep you working even when every part of you wants to quit. this class is designed for people who already have a very high level of conditioning and are looking to really challenge themselves and to get an idea of just what kind of fitness it takes to be ready to fight in the ring. Lots of explosive exercises at a non stop pace. open to everyone already in great shape ages 12 and older. (1.5 hrs.).
  • Sarah’s Women’s Class: Sarah will guide you through the basic boxers routine including shadowboxing, heavy bag, speed bag, and double end bag punching, rope skipping and calisthenics. Sarah will help you to sharpen you boxing skills and develop a strong body and a confident mindset through this fun and challenging workout. Open to women 8 years and older. (1.5 hrs.).
  • Basics and Beyond (a technique class with Dave): Dave will be here to show you some of the finer points of the “Sweet Science” and to address any issues you may have with respect to boxing. Open to everyone ( 1 hr.).
  • Kid’s Class (ages 8-12): Designed to teach kids the fundamentals of boxing and to introduce kids to the workout routine competitive boxers use to get and stay in shape (minus the sparring). Must pre register.
  • Basic Self -Defense: Designed to teach simple and effective techniques to distract, — and escape and attacker, practiced until they become intuitive and automatic. Helping to develop good judgment, awareness and a non-victim mindset.
  • Sparring clinics: Sparring is an opportunity to “put it all together” against a real opponent who is trying to hit you and prevent you from hitting him/her. Intensity varies depending upon experience and conditioning. New boxers who wish to do so begin by sparring with more experienced opponents who have developed the skill to take it easy on less experienced boxers, thus enabling these new boxers to more comfortably adapt to conditions in the ring. These sparring sessions are not true fights; they are where you learn to fight. Open to all in good condition who choose to spar. Sparring is strictly optional.
  • Combat Grappling (by appt.): this class is for beginners and beyond and is open to all gym members. The primary focus is on grappling techniques, from take downs to submissions, and is an excellent complement to your boxing training. Whether you are interested in MMA competition, self defense or just staying in shape and having fun you are welcome to join us. (1.5 hrs.).
  • Intro to Boxing: You will be taught to stand, move on balance, throw the jab and cross correctly, how to use the equipment properly and how to structure your workout. This will help you to establish a soli foundation in boxing. Suggested for all interested in joining the gym. (1.5 hrs. approx.) Cost is $10 each or 2 for $15, refundable with paid gym membership.
  • Dave’s Workshop: Dave is usually available to answer questions and help you reach your goals with respect to learning and getting in shape throughout the week. The Sunday workshop a time to come in, do your workout, ask questions and get advise if you haven’t had as much feed back during the week as you would like. Open to all.
  • Parkinson’s Class: We work with P.D. patients using boxing training to address the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. We are affiliates of and employ methods specifically designed by internationally famous pioneers in this field, “Rock Steady Boxing.”